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If your singing ensemble is not a professional group, marketing is oftentimes not given much of a thought apart from the website, the flyers/posters for your upcoming concert and the occasional Tweet here and there. This may seem okay but it results to the general public is only getting short bursts of who you really are and what your music is like. At times, these pockets of messages are disjointed and inconsistent with each other and your image, which can be confusing or detrimental.

Marketing is a means to an end. Each item on your marketing strategy (and you should have one!) should reflect what you want to achieve as a choir/chorus like:

  • Raise awareness of your music
  • Increase membership
  • Get bookings for gigs
  • Offer workshops
  • Encourage people to create similar groups to yours
  • Promote an event

But before you even get started on creating a plan of action for each one, you need to be clear first on who you are as an ensemble (community, chamber, barbershop, a cappella) and what kind of music do you sing (classical, religious, secular, pop). It is also useful to note down one or two words that best describe your group (fun, elegant, inspirational, pitch perfect, winner, competitive, etc.) as this will help you create the appropriate and consistent tone and image in your campaigns. Look at your current materials – does your logo reflect the words that describe you? Are the colours and fonts you use consistent with these descriptors? I mean, you cannot write “classical” with a Comic Sans font, right? You shouldn’t, please. Make sure your materials reflect your group appropriately.

Once you have decided your strategy and plan, it is important to put them in writing. This will help you guide in executing each item.