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Video introductions are great tools to introduce your group to attract new members and to give potential clients (i.e. people who will hire you to sing and perform at their events) an idea of what you look and sound like.

Let’s look at some examples to give you some ideas of what you could put into yours.

London Gay Men’s Chorus

Within 3:22, this video tells about the poignant beginnings of the London Gay Men’s Chorus and members (different voice overs) share what they get out of singing with the group. Instead of showing the group in full performance mode, it has clips of what occurs at rehearsals, which is more effective if the intent is to invite new members to join.

Rich Tones

What’s great about this video is the fact that Rich Tones used just a single performance video (in the Sweet Adelines International convention) to show the diversity of the members. There is no voice over, just text overlays of the profession or interests of each member as the video pans. It’s very, very simple yet effective to entice other women from different walks of life to join.


Spinnaker has promptly summarised what they do to entice both joiners and clients within the 4:19 of this video. They used a collage of videos and images of performances and coaching sessions with a single voice over and audio recording of their singing in the background.

If your choir/chorus has one, why not share the link on the comments below.